Air Ambulance Services

Vector AeroMedical by Causey Aviation provides state of the art critical care at jet speeds. Utilizing a fleet of Cessna Citation Jet aircraft, Vector AeroMedical is able to access patients anywhere in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Patients are flown to specialty medical centers for life saving treatment, or returned home to further recover in the comfort of familiar surroundings, family and friends.

Patients are given the care of a highly trained team. Led by North Carolina Emergency Medicine Physician, Dr. Brian Quigley, MD, this team is composed of at least two Critical Care Flight Paramedics or a Flight Paramedic and Flight Nurse. Many flights also have a third medical crew member. Patients’ individual medical condition is evaluated by our dispatch triage staff and a team is specifically selected to address needs of each patient. Each medical provider is required to maintain ongoing continuing education in Critical Care Flight Medicine, and Emergency Medicine. In addition, each provider maintains certifications in Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Many of these providers are also instructors in these disciplines as well as Flight Paramedic instructors, National Registry Paramedic Instructors, college Paramedic Instructors, Nursing Educators, and nationally-known subject matter experts.

Vector AeroMedical transport teams have the ability to continue any current medication infusions during transport and titrate as needed. Teams can transport and titrate Propofol and have the autonomy to initiate or discontinue any other medications as needed as well as adjust vent settings to optimize patient care in the air. Vector AeroMedical aircraft are Flying ICUs.


All flights are operated by FAA Part 135 Provider Causey Aviation Service EWCA750D and conform to IS-BAO (Stage III), the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, a standard based on the ISO-9000 family of quality assurance standards and confirmed by regular audits under the authority of IBAC, the International Business Aviation Council.

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