Andrew Baird (ATP EMT-P) serves as Program Director of Vector Aeromedical. He founded the company in 2012 in partnership with Causey Aviation. He is an accomplished pilot and EMS provider, and also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Bahamas Habitat, along with serving on the advisory board for the Athens Drive Health Science Academy and Mission Delivery Committee for Children's Flight of Hope.
Brian Quigley, MD. Medical Director. Dr. Quigley is a Wake Forest University emergency medicine faculty member at Alamance Regional Hospital.  He has been the Medical Director for UNC/Rex  Community Emergency Services for 17 years and is the Medical Director for Vector Aeromedical.  
Scott Dingman, BFA, FPC, NRP. Chief Flight Paramedic, Partner. 7 years of 911 and Critical Care Transport experience. Scott is also a writer, photographer, and entrepreneur who enjoys indoor skydiving, windsurfing, and scuba diving with his two boys.
Robyn Brown, Paramedic. 18 years of 911 and Critical Care experience. Robyn is an expert in data analysis and quality assurance with a background in medical-legal ethics. She enjoys cake decorating and running marathons in her free time.
Lisa Plunkett, Paramedic. 18 years of 911 and Critical Care experience. Lisa enjoys her family and her two dogs more than anything in the world.
Allison Adams, RN and Paramedic. Allison has 11 years of RN experience in Critical Care Transport, CTICU, SICU and CICU as well as the Emergency Department where she was a charge nurse for 3 years. In addition, she has 7 years of experience as a 911 Paramedic. She enjoys art, especially painting and drawing, as well as spending time traveling with her family.
Amanda Duke, FP-C, NRP, Paramedic Instructor, and Special Operations Medical Instructor. Amanda has 8 years of experience with the Department of Defense training Special Forces Medics. She enjoys horseback riding and hiking with her family when she is not busy teaching.

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