Vector AeroMedical's mission is to develop and provide Custom Critical Care Transport solutions for Health Systems nationwide. As the most advanced medical specialists and technologies become increasingly concentrated at major medical centers, patient critical care transport to and between those centers becomes increasingly important. Branded aircraft enable Health Systems to demonstrate a commitment to providing the most advanced medical capabilities to the communities they serve.

Fixed wing jet transport is faster, more efficient, safer and offers a far better platform for patient care than helicopter transport while being less expensive. Risk Managers conclude that fixed wing jet transport can be more than two orders of magnitude safer than helicopter transport for patients and medical personnel for a variety of reasons. In addition, patients can receive substantially better care in the jet transport environment, producing better outcomes for families and Health Systems.

Branded aircraft solutions and highly tailored programs are available. Vector AeroMedical possesses a highly experienced team of critical care specialists who are trained and prepared to care for patients in the transport environment. Vector medical crews average over 10 years of emergency and critical care experience. Most hold advanced licensing including FP-C, NRP, CFRN and CCEMT-P. All are required to complete FP-C or CFRN within 24 months of hire. These specialists can provide care directly to patients or train Health System critical care transport teams.

Vector AeroMedical provides safety levels equivalent to the best Fortune 500 flight departments with service to match. Vector AeroMedical's parent company has provided jet transport and management solutions to corporations and the most discriminating clientele for nearly 50 years. Vector AeroMedical brings the same level of service to both Health Systems and transport patients. Vector AeroMedical crews complete hundreds of medical flights safely each year in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Vector AeroMedical provides a flying ICU. Vector's critical care team is led by Medical Director Brian Quigley, MD. Dr. Quigley is a Wake Forest University emergency medicine faculty member at Alamance Regional Hospital. He has been the Medical Director for UNC/Rex Community Emergency Services for 17 years. Vector team members average over 10 years of emergency and critical care experience. Vector AeroMedical has the equipment, medications and experience to transport patients with the highest level of care.

Vector AeroMedical jets are fast and efficient and have larger cabins than most air ambulance platforms. Vector serves the entire U.S., Caribbean, Canada and Latin America. Sea Level cabin pressures can be maintained at cruising altitudes of up to 26,000ft. This allows flexibility in fine tuning environmental pressure changes for your patient, as well as maintaining a specific and accurate Fi02. The comfortable cabin size allows for flexibility in selecting medical crew members tailored to the patient condition. Additional seating is also available for family members or specialty team members if sending facility provides equipment and team.

The Vector AeroMedical critical care team will arrive at your patient’s bedside and continuity of care will be maintained with our highly experienced staff until the patient is transferred to the receiving facility or destination.

Your choice matters. Contact Vector today to begin the safe and secure transport of your patient with excellent clinical care.


Vector Aeromedical stands ready to transport you or your loved one with expert medical care. Our critical care team will handle all aspects of your medical transport, including ambulance pick up at your bedside or home, transfer to the airport and ambulance support to your destination. Our highly training medical team can travel with you for the entire duration of your trip. We provide travel for family members at no additional cost.

Vector Aeromedical also assists with insurance billing. Our goal is for the air medical transport process to be stress free for the patient and family.

Call or email us today to begin your "care in the air" journey.

Vector Aeromedical jets are a lifesaver

LifePak Cardiac Monitoring
12-Lead EKG
End Tidal CO2 Monitoring
   (for intubated and non-intubated patients)
SPO2 Blood Oxygenation Monitoring
Manual Defibrillation
Automated Defibrillation
Transcutaneous Cardiac Pacing
Med-Pac Medical Docking Station
Comfortable Padded Stretcher with Adjustable Head
M-Cylinder Oxygen with Built-In Ports
Medical Air
Alaris 3 Channel IV pumps
CareFusion LTV 1200 Ventilator
Alaris 3 Channel IV pumps
Full compliment of Critical Care and Emergency Equipment and ICU Medications
Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI)
Multiple Classes of Vasopressors and Vasodilators
Respiratory Medications
Cardiac Medications
Our medical teams have the ability to continue any current medication infusions during transport and titrate as needed. We can transport and titrate Propofol and have the autonomy to initiate or discontinue any other medications as needed as well as adjust vent settings to optimize patient care in the air. We really are a Flying ICU

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